Bookstore Offers Smith Options

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Want to know more about William Smith and his map? The AAPG Bookstore can help in five ways, including one way that is brand new:

  • Simon Winchester’s acclaimed book The Map That Changed the World  --  William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology (paperback): Product No. 634. Member priced at $13.
  • New this month in the Bookstore, The Map that Changed the World as an audiobook on CD: Product No. 960. Member priced at $36.
  • The actual 1815 map, as re-published by the British Geological Survey. Measures 36 by 52 inches. Color. Product No. 428. Member priced at $26.
  • Smith’s 1820 map, also re-published by the British Geological Survey. Measuring 26 by 31 inches. Color. (This smaller map is popular and may be more suitable for framing or display.) Product No. 429. Member priced at $22.
  • William Smith’s famous “Cross Sections of 1819,” re-published by the Geologial Society of London in poster format. Product No. 498. Member priced at $19.
Ordering and more details available from the Bookstore online.

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