A Year of 'Advancing The Ball' – Together

 Just when I begin to know my way around the place …


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 Just when I begin to know my way around the place …


  • My colleagues and friends on the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee members of our six Regions, six Sections, three Divisions and affiliated and sister societies.
  • Those who conduct science, lecture and publish in the broad variety of venues offered by AAPG.
  • The chairs and members of some 40 AAPG committees.
  • Our student chapters and their faculty sponsors.
  • Those who organize and run the myriad of meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars, field courses and beyond.
  • Our sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers.
  • Trustees of the AAPG Foundation.
  • The talented staff in Tulsa and our expanding offices globally.
  • And all of our members worldwide.

Together we have moved the ball down the field a bit this year, and it has been an honor to serve you. Thank you for your trust and your friendship.

AAPG is in great hands with John Lorenz and the incoming Executive Committee.

I tell my kids to work hard, do right and show thanks, and the rest will usually take care of itself. I think I actually believe that.

Life is a trip that we only get to take once. Pour your passion into everything that you do and everyone whom you touch.

Build bridges every chance you get. The world will be better for it.

We are very lucky to be geologists! See you on the rocks ...

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