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Online Voting Deadline May 15

Officer candidates have been announced by the Energy Minerals Division for the 2011-12 term.

Voting is online, and like AAPG officer candidate voting will be open until May 15.

The winner of the president-elect race will be EMD president in 2012-13.

The EMD candidates are:


(President 2012-13)

  • Jack Pashin, Alabama Geological Survey, Tuscaloosa, Ala.
  • Andrea Reynolds, Shell, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Vice President

(One-year term)

  • Richard Erdlac, Erdlac Energy Consulting, Midland, Texas.
  • Dale Fritz, Devon Energy, Oklahoma City.


(Two-year term)

  • David Tabet, Utah Geological Survey, Salt Lake City.
  • William Van Wie, consultant, Houston.

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