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The AAPG House of Delegates [PFItemLinkShortcode|id:2813|type:standard|anchorText:passed the seven bylaws proposals|cssClass:|title:HoD to Consider Seven Bylaws Proposals|PFItemLinkShortcode] on the agenda at the New Orleans AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition with HoD Chairman Steve Sonnenberg at the gavel.

One hundred eighty-seven of the 214 elected delegates attended the New Orleans meeting, where they also elected Jeffrey W. Lund as chairman-elect and Patrick J. Gooding as secretary/editor.

Lund is executive vice president with Corridor & Associates in Houston, and Gooding is research geologist/manager with the Kentucky Geological Survey.

They will assume office on July 1, and David H. Hawk, a Boise, Idaho, consultant, will assume the HoD chairmanship.

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