Reservoir Property Prediction From Seismic Inversion Attributes Using MARS

Geophysical Corner

A common way to understand the relationship between seismic attributes and petrophysical properties is by the use of rock physics templates, or simply by cross-plotting well log-derived elastic attributes against a color-coded petrophysical property.

Image Caption

Figure 2. a) Comparison of the upscaled actual and predicted Sw logs in the cross-plot space √(S-impedance) vs √(1⁄(Poisson’s ratio)) (Well-A). b) Comparison between the upscaled actual and predicted Sw logs (Well-A). c) Cross-section along the resultant Sw volume along Well-A and Well-B (blind well) together with its log of Sw. Notice the good match between the seismic and well-log derived Sw.

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