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Volunteer work should always be fun

Volunteer work should always be fun — and this year, I think the Executive Committee has had some fun, working with this headquarters staff, this Advisory Council and the House of Delegates.

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Volunteer work should always be fun — and this year, I think the Executive Committee has had some fun, working with this headquarters staff, this Advisory Council and the House of Delegates.

We also got some work accomplished — all the more possible because we were having fun!

That work included:

  • The budget, always a priority, has been keenly adhered to, and additionally we have cut losses in more operating areas this year. This resulted in paying back more of the monies we borrowed during our 1998-2000 lean years, and still provided incoming president Dan Smith with a healthy base for operations next year.
  • We are very proud of delivering the AAPG publication digits to members with their dues — but better yet, we are so excited about beginning the work toward a complete geo-publication aggregate with all of our geoscience sister societies!
    Additionally, we committed to faster, timelier publishing of papers, continuing the high quality peer-reviewed publishing we are renowned for, and also publishing more popular geology books to assist with our public outreach initiatives.
  • We provided the forum for members and companies to show and sell more prospects and properties worldwide with the advent of APPEX Houston (AAPG Prospect and Property Expo) and APPEX International.
  • We have reached out to members with our GEM program (May EXPLORER) and our Publications Pipeline (January EXPLORER).
  • We are creating a series of GeoTours, as a response to member requests.
  • AAPG started a Member Registry for consultants and job hunters. We are compiling an extensive member survey, to see what else we might add to our "to do" lists!
  • Continuing to respond to member needs for technological training, we have contributed to the establishment of three more Technical Training Centers (TTC) in London, Calgary and Vienna.
  • With a desire to increase communication, we have set up an AAPG committee for the TTC directors to exchange programs, ideas, budgets and business plans.
  • Our student chapters and student members have grown enormously this year as we have reached out to students all over the world. VGP lectures have almost doubled with 60 in the United States and 57 in 30 other countries.
    We have had two very successful Student Expos and are working toward a worldwide Virtual Student Expo!
    We are, thanks to the brainstorm of Halliburton's John Gibson, working toward worldwide corporate sponsorship for student membership. And we conducted the first ever Summit on Teaching Petroleum Geology (thank you, Hannes Leetaru!), which may lead to an AAPG publication on that very important theme.
  • We have set into motion not only a strong membership drive, but we also have conducted a Summit on Ethnic and Gender Diversity within AAPG.
  • Our newly formed International Regions have developed Country Contacts and Team Leaders that will continue the drive for membership, service growth and student members.
  • Members of the Executive Committee have succeeded in visiting every section in the United States and every International Region this year in an effort to strengthen communication and encourage the use of services.
  • Another member service we soused out this year, thanks to Jean Lemmon's Ballot Committee, was the means to electronically ballot (as well as regular mail) so that all members can more readily participate in AAPG governance.
  • We formed an historic and long overdue alliance with the Geological Society of America, and have plans for many cooperative efforts — this is complementary to the stronger cooperation and interaction we have been developing with SEG and SPE, inaugurating this year joint Distinguished Lecture programs and (partially) reciprocal memberships.
  • Committees have been strengthened and revitalized with a huge "new member" campaign conducted by M. Ray Thomasson.

Many members need only to be asked to contribute — and sometimes we have failed to do so. This year we asked many and often! And our reward has been profound.

So now I will move back to the trenches with you. Thanks for all of the suggestions, conversations, volunteer work and incredible ideas!

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