Secretary Elect 2003-05 — Katharine Lee Avary

Officer Candidates

Katharine Lee Avary

West Virginia Geological & Economic Survey, Morgantown, West Virginia

Born 1955, Atlanta.

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Katharine Lee Avary

West Virginia Geological & Economic Survey, Morgantown, West Virginia

Born 1955, Atlanta.

Academic Training:

  • 1976 — Emory University, Atlanta, B.S., geology
  • 1977 — University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, M.S., geology


  • 1978-present — West Virginia Geological & Economic Survey, Morgantown, W.Va. (Petroleum Geologist, 1978; Assistant Head, Oil and Gas Section, 1992-97; Head, Oil and Gas Section, 1997-present)
  • 1982-present — West Virginia University, Department of Geology and Geography (Adjunct Assistant Professor, 1982-92; Adjunct Associate Professor, 1992-98; Adjunct Faculty Member, 1998-present)

AAPG Activities:

  • Member since 1984; member of EMD
  • 1978-1984 — Co-coordinator, Appalachian Basin, COSUNA (Correlation of Stratigraphic Units of North America) project
  • 1982-1989 — Committee on Statistics of Drilling
  • 1997-2003 — House of Delegates
  • 1999-2000 — HoD Nominations Committee
  • 2000-2002 — HoD Honors and Awards Committee
  • 2002-2003 — HoD secretary-editor
  • 2000-2003 — Youth Education Activities Committee
  • 2000-2003 — Mentoring Committee
  • 1999-present — Faculty Sponsor, West Virginia University Student Chapter

Affiliated and Associated Societies and Sections:

  • 1996 — Technical Program chair, Eastern Section meeting
  • 1996-2000 — Eastern Section Officer
  • 2001 — Eastern Section Nominations Committee chair
  • 2002-present — Eastern Section Honors and Awards Committee
  • 1998 — Logistics and Special Events Coordinator, Southeastern Section Geological Society America Meeting
  • Member: Geological Society of America, SEPM, Appalachian Geological Society, Pittsburgh Association of Petroleum Geologists, Pittsburgh Geological Society, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Other Professional Affiliations:

  • 1988-1993 — West Virginia University Chapter Sigma Xi Officer; Member, National Speleological Society

Honors and Awards:

  • Eastern Section Distinguished Service Award
  • Eastern Section Special President's Award
  • Eastern Section Certificate of Merit
  • Eastern Section Public Service Award

Community and Civic Affairs:

  • 2000-present — Cheat Lake Environmental and Recreational Alliance (CLEAR) board member


  • Authored or co-authored 19 abstracts and 9 papers on unconventional gas resources, reservoir characterization and heterogeneity, fractured reservoirs and bedrock geologic mapping.

Why I Accepted the Invitation To Be a Candidate for AAPG Office

I consider it an honor to be asked to run for AAPG secretary. I believe that I can contribute to the organization from which I have received so many benefits, and welcome the opportunity to do so.

AAPG has provided me with many resources both tangible and intangible over the last 18 years I have been a member, and before that as a student and early in my working career. The publications, short courses, field trips, meetings, distinguished lecturers, Web site and the digital library are all tangible benefits that I have used. The intangible benefits are the connections I have made over the years with other like-minded people in our international organization.

I have been involved in local societies, AAPG committees, Section meetings, Section offices, the House of Delegates as a delegate, committee member and as secretary-editor, but I think the most rewarding activity for me in recent years has been as a student chapter faculty advisor. Students are the future of our organization and our profession, and I encourage all members to locate a student chapter near you and volunteer or contact a university or college about starting a student chapter near you if there isn't already one in place.

If elected, I intend to do what I can to assist in continuing development of programs for all members, with a particular emphasis on those for students. I believe that AAPG is providing more and more benefits to every member, from undergraduate student members to emeritus members. Access to the digital library is a remarkable asset to all members wherever they are located if they have access to the Internet. I believe communication is the key to any group's success, and I think that an important part of the role of the AAPG secretary is to foster communication among members of the Executive Committee as well as between the Executive Committee and the membership of the AAPG. The increased ability to communicate electronically and reach every corner of the globe rapidly provides tremendous opportunities to all members of AAPG, and I want to continue to use this resource as effectively as possible.

I think my experience as an officer of a Section and the House of Delegates will be beneficial to me if I am elected secretary. As I attend various meetings in the next year, I look forward to expanding my network of AAPG members.

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