Nemaha Strike-Slip Fault Expression on 3-D Seismic Data in SCOOP Trend

Fault interpretation is an important step in seismic structural interpretation and has a bearing on the quantitative interpretation that may eventually be carried out. This requires the meaningful recognition of the faults within the proper geological context of the area. In Oklahoma, we see wrench faulting with strike-slip faults and other associated features.

Image Caption

Figure 1: Map of Oklahoma showing the major geologic provinces. (Modified from Oklahoma Geological Survey map by R. A. Northcutt and J. A. Campbell, 1998). Some counties have also been annotated as well as the location of the 3-D seismic survey under study. The comprehensive fault lineaments overlaid over the map have been taken from the document by March and Holland, 2016 accessed from content/ogs/data/fault.html. The three main faults, namely the Nemaha, Meers and the Wilzetta on this image, as well as the megashear trend are also indicated.

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