‘I a Geologist’: How We Define Ourselves

The famous phrase “I a geologist” is one from a young man 29 years of age named Charles Darwin. After his introduction to geology at the age of 21 by Adam Sedgwick, Darwin would eventually embark on the famous voyage of the Beagle which lasted from 1831 to 1836.

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I a Geologist
People are free to make their own choices but scientists who rely on logic and a bedrock of verifiable published information should concentrate on educating the majority of people who are prepared to listen to reason and learn. Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they're open! Don't give evolution deniers the oxygen of publicity they are heading for mass extinction anyway.
6/18/2018 6:24:47 AM
I a Geologist
I agree totally with Raymond M. Pierson
I a Geologist
It is quite amazing, Mr. Pierson. Somehow his baseless and entirely made up theories completely changed the way scientists view the biological world over the next century and a half. Pretty good work, I’d say, for a man who, according to you, doesn’t even know his grammar. He was truly a man ahead of his time and, judging by your comment, perhaps ahead of many of our time too.
6/15/2018 1:36:38 PM
I a Geologist - Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin and his theories do not define anything related to me. They are so fictitious and factless that I am amazed that anyone would consider his work, let alone teach it at university levels. Further, it has nothing to do with being a Petroleum Geologist. Darwin's Evolution Theories are just a means to explain absence of divine creation. Instantaneous appearance of different species suggests creation, not evolution. But, 150 years ago, what else could they suppose? Did Charles Darwin really say "I a Geologist" or is it a misprint of "I am a Geologist?"
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6/15/2018 9:56:32 AM

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