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The abstracts are in hand and the final technical program for this year’s AAPG International Conference and Exhibition is being finalized for posting within the next several weeks.

More than 700 abstracts were received for this year’s conference, to be held Oct. 26-29 in Cape Town, South Africa.

This year’s theme is “African Energy – Global Impact.”

Organizers expect the technical program to have more than 70 sessions, all built around “the big five” symbols of Africa’s animal kingdom. They are:

  • The Elephant – A Steady Advance: “Deepwater: Ancient Analogues, Current Technologies, Future Opportunities.”
  • The Leopard – Unraveling Secrets: “Advances in Geoscience and Allied Disciplines.”
  • The Black Rhino – Turned Around From Near Extinction: “Next Generation Tools and Technologies.”
  • The Lion King – Roar of the Future: “The New Business of Energy.”
  • Cape Buffalo – Beauty and the Beast: “Gondwana and Pangean Petroleum Systems: Exploration, Development and Production – Emerging Plays, Lessons and Analogs.”

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