API Launches ‘Explore Offshore’ Coalition Amid Political Opposition

The American Petroleum Institute has a new coalition to promote offshore exploration, and not everybody is happy about it.

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Photo courtesy of Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.

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I agree 100% with the comment of s. Barrett. The industry has a credibility problem on this issue and it will be a tough sell in areas not already dependent on natural resource extraction for a major part of their economy. Andrew Chermak
7/8/2018 10:01:36 AM
Obtaining Coastal Communities' Social Permit for Offshore Drilling
I noted the comment from Explorer Offshore that "you have to really educate people." Similar offshore headlines of the past several weeks also comes at a time when other headlines are about the roll-back of Obama-era regulations imposed on the offshore industry after the Deepwater Horizon disaster. This was the first sentence in an OilPrice.Com article of late December: "The Trump administration is hoping to slash regulations on offshore oil drilling that were implemented after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster that killed nearly a dozen people and led to an oil leak that spewed for months." Wow, what is the oil industry doing to address or explain this "slashing" concept? I believe the first thing this coalition better do is address these proposed regulatory changes--it seems they should describe to the public very clearly that the new proposed changes, now under review, in no way have increased the chances of a similar incident. But if the coalition cannot assure the public that safety is so important that they (the offshore industry) would not back bad regulatory changes, then the coalition is going to have a hard time convincing the general public. Mary Barrett
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7/5/2018 5:33:08 PM

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