Sustainable Development in Energy and AAPG

While there is a diversity of views about the topics and terms of sustainable energy development, these are the trends that are shaping our industry, and because we’re a global industry it affects every one of us. AAPG must recognize these trends and engage its current and future members in the discussion.

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The petroleum industry’s map to the UN sustainable development goals. Image courtesy of IPIECA.

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The “Sustainable Development” idea is the worst thing the AAPG should be involved with!!! Agenda 21 is promoted by non-government organizations that pressure governments to enforce it based on the age old socialist scheme of redistribution of wealth and its effect on property rights and national sovereignty. Why would AAPG be embracing such a policy??? Why would I want to be part of an organization that embraces such a position…which is why I’m no longer a member of AAPG after 34 years. The AAPG is losing its identity and purpose. Why would the AAPG succumb to the green movement’s attack on the fossil fuel industry? These activists are successfully pressuring fossil fuel companies to comply with biased environmental reporting practices, such as “climate risk disclosures” and produce “sustainability reports” that are encouraging investors to underestimate the future value of fossil fuel companies. Does the AAPG not understand this threat? My preference would be that the AAPG highlight the environmental and climate benefits of the affordable, abundant, reliable energy we produce and explain how these benefits outweigh any negative impact. The AAPG should be pushing against this “keep it in the ground” green movement.
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8/9/2018 3:20:18 PM
AAPG President's Column
Excellent, well-written column, Denise. DEG is with you 100%.
7/10/2018 9:55:22 AM

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