Oil Markets in the Balance: The Role of Unconventional Resources

All eyes were glued on Vienna last month as OPEC gathered to assess oil market conditions and set production targets for its member countries to ensure adequate supplies, but also to support oil prices.

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Unconventional Resources
The Energy Minerals Division (EMD) is the largest division of AAPG. EMD represents all of the various types of unconventional resources, including shale, tight oil and gas, tar sands, coal bed methane, and oil shale. In addition, EMD represents alternate energy resources such as geothermal, uranium, and gas hydrates which will play an important role for world-wide sustainable energy, particularly in countries that lack significant unconventional energy resources. Our members are devoted to promoting the science and technology required continue our industry’s success in providing an abundant, reliable, low-cost energy source for humanity. Membership is free for all AAPG members. To join, visit our website by selecting the Divisions tab from the AAPG home page and see who we are and what we do. Wayne Camp EMD President
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7/12/2018 5:41:56 PM

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