The Great Oil Sniffer Hoax

Since the early days of petroleum exploration, the industry has met diviners and dowsers who, by using esoteric techniques, simple devices or sophisticated artifacts designed by themselves, have tried to fool companies by claiming they were able to detect oil in the subsurface. In France, during the late 1970s, two eccentric inventors claimed they could directly detect oil in the subsurface from an exceptional device mounted on board an airplane, resulting in one of the most famous frauds in petroleum exploration history.

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Aldo Bonassoli showing his “high-tech” electronic material

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Oil Sniffer hoax
In addition, 2008-2010, another big scandal on Terralliance Technologies , who con investors that oil can be found using airplanes flying over potential oilfields. Several investors and oil companies filed lawsuits against this company and the CEO. click on this link:
8/16/2018 11:16:55 PM

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