Some Machine Learning Applications in Seismic Interpretation

“Big data” and “data analytics” are the buzzwords these days. In the last decade, our industry grappled not only with ever-larger volumes of data, but also with increased data heterogeneity. Recent developments in data analytic capabilities applied to other industries hold significant promise for those of working in the hydrocarbon exploration and development.

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Machine Learning is nothing new
What is now called machine learning (ML) is nothing more than a collection of traditional, classical algorithms (many of which have been around for a lot longer than 20 years) grouped together under a new name. For example, see: A Tour of Machine Learning Algorithms A small subset of those algorithms listed make up multivariate statistics tools. People should realize that algorithmically there is very little new in ML; nothing to indicate that ML is a game-changing new advancement encompassing a totally new technology of data/information processing methods and algorithms (per se). We have not suddenly been accelerated into the 25th century along side Captain Kurk in the starship Enterprise (I date myself). And it does not require a whole new set of PhD degrees to understand and apply what is now called AI and ML. We've already been applying these algorithms for many, many decades. As the article states, what is new is the "Big" part of Big Data: vast quantities of multivariate data available in the blink of an eye, able to be reduced and its information content communicated real-time and interactively.
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10/21/2018 2:42:58 PM
Desirability of Hyperlinks to AAPG sources in On-line versions of articles.
This article makes no less that ten references to prior articles found in the Geophysical Corner of the Explorer. It seems to me that the addition of hyperlinks to these articles would be a low-cost, high-valued addition to the online content of the articles. If even one tenth of the links are clicked upon, this article would double the views of pages in the Corner. P.S. what is the purpose of "Rating" in the "Submit a comment" page? Is it to rate the article? If so, it is in the wrong place or ambiguously labeled.
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8/24/2018 4:36:15 PM

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