AAPG's New Code of Conduct

If you attended the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Salt Lake City this year, you may have noticed additional signs in the hallways and slides shown in the opening and technical sessions that introduced the AAPG Code of Conduct. It’s a new element for ACE and it’s something we care about in our desire to foster an environment that allows our attendees to best realize their professional goals. This month I’d like to share with you how it came to be, and more importantly, why.

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Thanks for talking about this hard subject
Thanks David for bringing issue to light Sasha
8/21/2018 9:22:24 AM
Code of Conduct
Only one explanation needed - it's the right thing to do! Bravo for AAPG, and nice column, David. Thank you for putting us squarely on the right side of history with respect to this issue.
8/15/2018 10:12:06 AM
New Code of Conduct
It is sad to learn about a few of our members inappropriate conduct. As AAPG members, we all have the responsibility to report any code of ethics violations so that they may be investigated. The updated Code of Conduct will insure that AAPG remains a well-respected professional international organization. I was also pleased to see the Code of Conduct, including the prohibition of photography or recording presentations, printed in the ACE 2018 program book.
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8/15/2018 8:15:19 AM
AAPGs New Code of Conduct
David, Thank you! This is a needed subject of discussion and hopefully action. I started in the Oil and Gas Business in I believe 1968. Yes I am old but that means I have seen a lot over the years. I have observed situations and probably participated in some that are clearly not appropriate behavior by todays standards. To be 'current' in todays world we must be relevant to peoples expectations, all people! Staying out of court is just one aspect of this issue. Tim Brown
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8/14/2018 5:21:02 PM

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