Louisiana Coastal Loss Drives ‘Environmental Disenfranchisement’

The coastal region of the Mississippi River Delta is rapidly deteriorating, but the Louisiana State University Coastal Studies Institute is working to reverse the trend.

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Lousiana coastal loss
Even without some “minor” global sea level rise from (very temporary) hydrocarbon burnning, much more significant changes occur naturally from subsidence & glaciation. I suggest that the greater “problem” are humans that are hellbent on keeping the current Mississippi River course, to save New Orleans & river commerce, or whatever other hopeless excuse. The need is long overdue to relocate all significant population south of Baton Rogue and force the river to divert flow into lowlands, keeping sedimentation on the delta instead of simply dumping into the deep Gulf of Mexico. Of course, it is easier to blame anthopogenic warming and send our money instead to those who will do nothing about that problem. George Lambert
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9/7/2018 2:31:05 PM

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