Understanding Our Restless Earth

Robert R. Berg Outstanding Research Award

Carlo Doglioni, professor of Earth Science at Sapienza University in Rome, is one of this year’s recipients of the Robert R. Berg Outstanding Research Award.

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Southern border of the Dolomites, Venetian foothills in northeastern Italy. Fault-propagation fold associated to the active Belluno thrust. T, Tertiary, J, Jurassic, DP, Upper Triassic. Doglioni and Carminati, 2008 Mem. carta Geologica d’Italia.

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Carlo Doglioni
As one of the many field geologists inspired by Carlo, I am delighted to see both the award and the article detailing the career of one of our most outstanding members. Thank you, Mr. Friedman, for an excellent piece of journalism. You've communicated Carlo's compelling philosophy to thousands of readers.
10/5/2018 8:44:33 AM

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