Bolivia Joins the Big Leagues

First AAPG workshop highlights the country’s hydrocarbon potential

Bolivia’s role as a South American gas market supplier was a key theme at the Geosciences Technology Workshop Bolivia 2018, AAPG’s first technical workshop in the country. High-profile guests drew national attention, and local media outlets covering the GTW described Bolivia as “playing in the big leagues.”

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YPFB corporation president and event leadership recognizing Young Professionals for their contribution to the GTW Bolivia organizing committee. Top (left to right): Elvira Pureza Gómez, AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region president-elect; Oscar Barriga, YPFB Corporation president; Asterio Ayaviri, retired YPFB; Eduardo Paz, YPFB Chaco general manager; Javier Esquivel, YPFB Corporation exploration and development manager. Bottom (left to right): Emily Smith Llinás, AAPG; Ana María Goncalves, YPFB Chaco; Andrea López Total; Angelvis Tovar, GEOX Services; Mauricio Guizada, Petrobras; Vladimir Machaca, YPFB; Valentina Cáceres, YPFB

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