Energy Transitions and Conference Transitions

“When you think about the future of energy in the year 2025, seven years from now, I see ______?” This was one of the digital interactive questions asked at the Energy Transitions Forum in Amsterdam last month. The answers from a room of energy professionals were telling: diversity, renewables, energy, change, hybrid, oil, gas. The Forum addressed how companies and geoscientists can broaden their roles for energy transitions that can include a lower-carbon future.

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From left: Adam McCarthy of Equinor, Erik Sens of Shell, Olivia Lewis of Schlumberger, Sharinia Kangandran of Imperial College and Jonathan Rodgers of Shell

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Thank you for the column
AAPG President Cox: Thank you for your description of the AAPG Energy Transition Forum held last September in Amsterdam. I read it from my “snail-mail” version of the EXPLORER while eating lunch. I almost choked on my sandwich, however, when I read Christiana Figueres of the UN FCCC was a featured speaker! How I wished the American version of AAPG was exposed to the same discussions on climate change that our European colleagues are. Further turning of the pages, I was again pleased to find the article by Ray Leonard, An Earth Scientist’s Perspective on Climate Change. Perhaps AAPG is starting to fulfill its purpose “…to advance the professional well-being of its members” by addressing the existential threat of climate change. It is now my hope that the proposed sessions at ACE 2019 dealing with the interaction of our industry and climate change will be more constructive than I originally imagined. Thanks again.
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10/18/2018 10:34:05 AM