Support Grows for U.S. Carbon Tax

Is the United States about to get a tax on carbon emissions? Advocates of carbon pricing seem optimistic, even confident, that the U.S. Congress will legislate a carbon fee or some other form of emissions restriction. And this comes with surprisingly little public discussion of the issue.

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A discussion is needed on impacts of carbon tax on O&G
Kudos to the editors of the EXPLORER. I am very pleased that AAPG is finally discussing how to address climate change, instead of ignoring or dismissing it. I look forward, however, to future articles that explore the impacts of a carbon tax on the petroleum industry. A carbon tax could be beneficial to the NG industry. ExxonMobil is not donating to Americans For a Carbon Dividend (AFCD) just because they recognize the threats of climate change. ExxonMobil supports a carbon tax because a carbon tax will eliminate a major competitor to NG, coal. An examination by the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) shows that if the Clean Power Plan (CPP) were implemented, more NG would be consumed within the US than with business as usual (BAU; EIA AEO 2017). The CPP, however, did not get us anywhere close to the goal of avoiding a +2 C world. In an analysis currently under review for publication in the AAPG Bulletin, I point out that with a properly designed Federal carbon tax, which is robust enough to encourage carbon capture and storage (CCS), the US NG industry could produce more than following BAU and still attain the Paris Agreement goal of avoiding a +2 C world. Again, thanks to the editors of the EXPLORER.
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11/12/2018 9:24:25 PM
Economic growth and carbon taxes
Missing links, political taunts and social media abbreviations aside, if you'd like to know more about the effect of carbon taxation on economic growth, I refer you to this year's recipients of the 2018 Nobel Prize for Economics, Paul Romer and William Nordhaus. Romer was lauded for his theory of endogenous growth - that is that the new ideas snowball into prosperity. Nordhaus was honored for his work detailing the economic harm from carbon emissions, thus laying the foundation for the carbon tax as a driver for sustainable growth. Feel free to choose a reference based on your choice of journalistic style, but I've selected the New York Times link as the most descriptive and the only one to reference the writings of the award winners themselves:
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11/12/2018 2:08:57 PM
So let me see here......the Feds collect the dough and rebate it to the public? For a minute I thought these guys were serious!!!!!!
11/9/2018 5:33:48 PM
Demonizing CO2
Congress should promote pro-growth and free market solutions that will increase America’s global competitiveness rather than promote economically crippling taxation schemes such as a carbon tax. That support for such a proposal is growing among some Republican “leaders” is disturbing. It shows just how successful the campaign of climate alarmism has been in convincing the population that carbon dioxide, a truly miracle molecule, is a deadly pollutant that will lead to planetary climate catastrophe. You can read my entire editorial on the subject here:
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11/9/2018 9:51:34 AM
0.75/5.0 rating on Carbon tax article
Terribly written article - where are references/hot links to 'critical facts?' APPARENTLY NOT NECESSARY WHEN WRITING for EXPLORER? WTF?? AAPG joining the Socialists so we can be a part of the conversation?? Pull your head out!
11/9/2018 5:41:55 AM