Exploration Opportunity in the Outer Continental Shelf

There are approximately 90.55 billion barrels of undiscovered technically recoverable oil and a mean of 327.58 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered technically recoverable natural gas in the federal outer continental shelf of the United States. That’s according to a report issued by the United States Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. The exploration possibilities of all that, if not endless, are pretty encouraging.

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BOEM geoscientists studying the Monterey Formation at Arroyo Burro Beach, Calif. This outcrop is analogous to highly productive petroleum reservoirs discovered on the Pacific Outer Continental Shelf. Photo courtesy of Greg Sanders of BOEM.

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BOEM Resource Estimates
Reader beware, BOEM and USGS have a troublesome resource aggregation method that easily misrepresents the potential (choosing my words carefully here) leading to inflated estimates. CORE is currently working with USGS to advise on their multi-reservoir Chance and Uncertainty evaluation method. Ideally BOEM should follow. Bill Haskett Chair - AAPG Committee on Resource/Reserve Estimation Chair - DPA Reserves Committee (Something to contribute to the committee? Contact me)
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11/6/2018 4:42:03 PM

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