EMD is Seeking Servant Leaders

The Energy Minerals Division’s total membership remains healthy with more than 3,000 members. Rather than focusing on a pure numbers game, EMD’s focus this year will be on servant leadership. Our challenge is to identify members who are willing to participate in one of our many committees and serve as new leaders to replace the current committee chairs and officers.

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Servant Leaders
Sorry Gretchen. I certainly did not consider my use of the phrase "servant leadership" would in anyway be construed as offensive, or related to any religious ideology; especially when viewed in context. The term servant leadership has been around for a long time, and is a commonly used today in business organizations to describe a philosophy of a management style of a leader as one who serves, focusing the growth and well-being of the people within the organization.
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12/6/2018 11:36:00 AM
EMD proposed name change
Thank you Michael for your valued comment. The EMD Leadership Committee is currently reviewing the proposed name change along with an update of the EMD Bylaws. The idea of a name change is not new, and recommendations to change the name has always been controversial. The justification for a name change is to better communicate to AAPG members the wide variety of energy resources that EMD currently represents. The proposed name change is consistent with our current mission as stated on the EMD webpage, "...dedicated to addressing the special concerns of energy geologists working with unconventional and alternate energy resources." Using the concept of an "energy mineral" as you suggested fails to include the variety of energy resources represented by EMD that are produced from fluids contained within pores and fractures within rocks, such as geothermal steam, coalbed methane, tar sands, gas hydrates, and unconventional oil and gas (tight sands & shales). The proposed name change to the Unconventional and Alternate Energy Division is more inclusive, does not minimize the importance of the solid energy resources, and is widely understood and consistent with contemporary terminology.
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12/6/2018 11:18:04 AM
Wayne, please, keep the name "Energy Minerals Division" for "EMD"
Wayne, please, keep the name "Energy Minerals Division" for "EMD". I have always understood the difference to be that hydrocarbon resources carry the energy that we want to extract in "fluids in pore spaces", whereas the "energy minerals" hold the energy that we want "within the rock matrix", e.g. uranium, oil shale, geothermal (most heat is in the rock, little is in the pore fluids), coal, ... I believe that a conversation between you and Bill Ambrose would clarify this issue, and said clarification might make a good topic for a future 'EMD Corner' column. BTW, I really enjoy your column, Mike Timlin.
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11/26/2018 12:32:23 AM
Servant leadership
I support development of leaders within AAPG through service to the organization. As a former Editor, I respectfully suggest using language carefully. In some contexts, “servant leader” is a religious designation. Can we please use neutral terms when requesting help from prospective volunteers?
11/9/2018 1:18:40 AM

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