The Emergence of the Helium Industry

The History of Helium Exploration, Part 1 of 2

Little more than a novelty when first discovered, helium has become a key commodity. It is used extensively in medical cryogenics, analytical and lab applications, breathing mixtures, as a lift gas, for arc welding, leak detection and, contrary to popular belief, only a little is used to inflate party balloons. There are few substitutes for helium and so, as its applications have become more common, demand has grown and supply is struggling to match demand.

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“The gas that would't burn” storyboard at Dexter, Kan., reproduced with permission from American Oil and Gas Historical Society,

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The Emergence of the Helium Industry, American Helium Dominance
In the fifth paragraph of American Helium Dominance, it says "The Albion Scipio Field was discovered in fractured Silurian carbonates." The Albion Scipio Field produces from fracture related Ordovician Trenton carbonates.
1/16/2019 9:47:49 AM

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