What It Takes to Perform at a World-class Level

“Hello, this is David Curtiss,” I said into the telephone receiver. “David, this is Kristen from the office upstairs. We need someone to head to the airport to pick up board members over the next couple days. They’re coming to town for our Advisory Board meeting. Is there any chance you could go?” It was a Thursday, just three weeks into my graduate school career, and I was sitting in the grad student bullpen in the Earth Sciences and Resources Institute at the University of South Carolina.

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Director's Corner
Great comment on 'work ethic'. Whether you are a pro-footballer, a banker or a geoscientist the harder you work, the better it gets. Sorry the Gary Player ethos on golf does not work for me, roughly, the harder I work on my game the luckier I get - unfortunately for me the harder I work, my game stays the same! Tony Grindrod
1/4/2019 5:03:00 AM