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The winners of the best paper and best poster awards have been announced for the 2011 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, held last October in Milan, Italy.

The winners will be honored during the opening session at the upcoming AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Long Beach, Calif., which will be held April 22-25.

The technical award winners are:

Gabriel Dengo Memorial Award

(Best paper)

AAPG member Jonny Hesthammer, with Emergy Exploration AS in Bergen, Norway, will receive the award for his paper “CSEM Efficiency – Evaluation of Recent Drilling Results.”

His co-authors are Susanne Sperrevik, with RockSource in Bergen, Norway; and AAPG member Aristofanis Stefatos, also with RockSource, Bergen.

Ziad Beydoun Memorial Award

(Best poster)

AAPG members Stan Abele and Rocky Roden will receive the award for their poster “Fracture Detection Interpretation Beyond Conventional Seismic Approaches.”

Both are with Seismic Micro-Technology, Houston.

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