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Officer nominees for the Division of Professional Affairs and the Energy Minerals Division for 2008-09 have been announced.  They are:

Division of Professional Affairs

    President-Elect, (President 2009-10)
      Paul W. Britt, Texplore Inc., Houston.
      William T. Goff, Cholla Production LLC, Littleton, Colo.
    Vice President
      Michael R. Canich, Equitable Production, Pittsburgh.
      Daniel M. Reynolds, Coral Coast Petroleum, Wichita, Kan.
      Michael A. Fogarty, consultant, Berwick, La.
      J. Sirman Hollabaugh, Crescent Oil & Gas, Dallas.

Energy Minerals Division

    President-Elect, (President 2009-10)
      Frank E. Walles, Devon Energy, The Woodlands, Texas.
      Frances J. Hein, Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, Calgary, Canada.  
    Vice President
      Maria Mastalerz, Indiana Geological Survey, Bloomington, Ind.
      Andrea A. Reynolds, Shell International Exploration and Production, Houston.
      Amy E. Sullivan, Shell International Exploration and Production, Houston.
      Dallas B. Dunlap, Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, Texas.


    Eastern Section
      Charles M. Boyer II, consultant, Bridgeville, Pa.
    Mid-Continent Section
      K. David Newell, Kansas Geological Survey, Lawrence, Kan.
    Rocky Mountain Section
      Genevieve Young, Colorado Geological Survey, Denver. 
    Pacific Section
      James G. Clough, Alaska Geological and Geophysical Survey, Fairbanks, Alaska.

All EMD councilor terms are 2008-10.  

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