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Owning narratives, managing perceptions
I disagree that industry does not work hard and is somewhat successful at managing perceptions and owning narratives--concerning the history of industry and the environment, there has been a long history of it. The problem is that when the industry no longer controls the story, such as environmental impacts, especially the 1960s through the 1980s, there is a backlash as the public feels lied to. Is this not what is happening with the carbon and climate change narrative? That story of climate change study, which took a negative industry turn in the 1980s and is now back somewhat on track, just burned a lot of people who want to believe that industry is trying to do the right thing. We should have learned with the story of "evaporation" pits not leaking, which was shown to be untrue in the 1930s in Kansas and the 1950s in New Mexico, yet lingered on in states like Louisiana into 1988 (due to industry pressure and a weak state regulatory agency) when unlined production pits were finally stopped. Goodness, we pick such bad battles and then expect the public to trust us.
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2/4/2020 3:37:17 PM

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